Sega 32X Price List Update


Well it looks as if the 32X is becoming quite the system to have. Each console that gets listed on eBay now seems to fetch over £200. When I first started looking at the selling stats for the system, these would sell as buy it now’s for £79.99 on a regular basis. I guess the amount of quality multi game carts (like the Everdrive, £40.99 and plays all Megadrive and 32X games from an SD card) for the Mega Drive has probably increased the amount of systems actually in use; and once you’ve got a mega drive with two wireless pads connected up to your big screen TV what’s the next thing you want… a Sega CD and a 32X! And of course the low numbers of the 32X sold back in the 90s will only add to its rarity in future as many get bought up and placed in collections never to see the market again.

A quick look through recently finished eBay results today has shocked me at just how much the prices have wobbled. For a start, here is a finished Primal Rage in great condition, selling with 18 bids for just under £175:

That is an absolutely amazing price! The box and manual look to be in superb condition, and I’ve seen this game sell for close to £1000 in the past! In fact, pardon the poor scan, but have a look at my first-ever eBay auction screen grab from back in 2011, and the 2015 listing that sold for a whopping £995:

Now how on earth does this game devalue by £400 let alone £800??? It’s not like someone has come up with a warehouse full of these games and the price has dropped for that reason, and it’s not as if a whole bunch of people have noticed how great this game is – it’s a flaming Primal Rage game for fax sake! Perhaps the market is changing to some degree; I’ve always said that collecting videogames is one of the best ways to invest money and have fun at the same time, and if it’s possible to pick up five copies of this game for a total of £1000 right now, I can’t see why each copy wouldn’t go back to selling between £500 and £1000 in a few years time. Imagine that – £1000 spent, £5000 back. I guess the most logical reason for the price drop is going to be buyers not being willing to drop the price of a new iPhone X on a single, fairly poor game these days. But once the few spare copies sell, anyone wanting to collect a complete set of VGC 32X games is going to have to pay an inflated price again.

Others have significantly risen however. It’s pretty clear that the CD-based games are always going to be something that accrue value. Cartridges tend to last forever, whereas pick up any CD based game at a car boot sale and you’ve got a fair chance that it will be scratched and unusable. For those going for full sets of games, finding the perfect quality CD titles for a very limited system such as the 32X is going to become more and more difficult as the years go on. So Slam City has increased to a doubling in price over the years since I started watching these retro game prices. It has gone from between £20 and £30 to close to £60. Corpse Killer has similarly risen from around £40 to almost £70, and the legendary Night Trap has zoomed up to over £100 from the earlier price of £50. And completing the set of four recently sold titles below is the great Knuckles Chaotix, with eight bids taking it to £255. That’s quite a price for a game that sold for just £120 a couple of years ago, and it’s not that far from being four times the first price I recorded back in 2011… a bargain £72!

Anyway, here’s a dump of finished games from today, and the revised table prices is right at the bottom of the post. Notice how the common titles are being listed as BiNs for £50 these days – you could have picked them all up for under £20 each a few years ago!

 Game Title  2011 Price 2015 Price

2017 Price

 Afterburner Complete  £26.99 £13.01 £25.00
 Corpse Killer (32X CD)  £39.01 £39.99 £67.00
 Cosmic Carnage  £16.00  £24.99 £44.99
 Darxide  £330.00  £632.50  
 Doom  £3.79  £25.00 £35.00
 FIFA Soccer 96 £17.00 £37.00 £27.99
 Golf Magazine Presents…  £8.50  £6.05 £39.00
 Knuckles Chaotix  £72.00  £120.00 £255.00
 Kolibri  £124.00  £199.99  
 Metal Head  £14.60 £20.00 £22.99
 Mortal Kombat II  £16.00 £37.00 £49.00
 Motherbase   £127.00  
 MotoCross Championship   £13.00 £24.95
 NBA Jam TE  £19.99  £23.01  
 NFL Quarterback Club    £19.99 £69.99
 Night Trap (32X CD)  £46.00 £79.09 £107.50
 Primal Rage  £570.00  £995.00 £174.99
 Slam City with Scottie Pippin  £22.99  £29.99 £57.00
 Space Harrier  £12.26 £30.00 £49.99
 Star Wars Arcade  £14.26 £24.99 £26.00
 Stellar Assault  £49.99 £48.00  
 Supreme Warrior (32X CD)  £19.99 £29.99  
 T-Mek  £165.89    
 Toughman Contest  £10.25 £16.99 £47.99
 Virtua Fighter  £11.50 £14.50 £46.99
 Virtua Racing Deluxe  £5.55 £20.00 £19.99
 WWF Raw  £5.00 £39.22  
 TOTAL  £1621.56  £2666.30 £1117.37
Est Full Total £1746.56 £2866.30 £2624.37


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