Sega Dreamcast

2015 Update

Back in Summer 2010 the number of games for the Sega Dreamcast listed on eBay was comparatively small. Indeed, with lifetime sales of 10 million consoles there won’t be too many DC games out there – the standard metric seems to be a maximum of ten games sold for each console produced. Of those potential 100 million games, how few were Europe PAL releases? And then, with the rubbish DC cases, how many were binned years ago due to ‘being too busted up to sell’?

It was surprising to return to the DC collectors market in Summer 2015 and see eBay flooded with DC games. Prices have risen rapidly for the titles usually described as being ‘the most rare’, but the majority of the 217 titles are still under £10. Having said that , if every game that was selling for £1 back in 2010 is now going for an average of £6, that puts an extra £600 on the value of a complete collection without even looking at the more expensive titles! I had originally anticipated a rise in the eBay cost of a complete DC collection of £800, but it looks like just five years has produced a more rapid rise already.


One of the biggest differences in eBay between 2010 and 2015 is that more games are now sold as ‘Buy It Now’ listings than in auctions. A quick browse of completed listings seems to suggest 70% of eBay sales are BiN. I suppose from a buyer’s perspective, this means that you can see a game, decide if the price suits you, and get it within a day or two of buying. For the seller, the element of ‘I listed it at a bad time, it went for less than it should have’ is negated, and it allows eBay shop owners to spread their posting across the week, rather than having 100 auctions end on a Sunday night and then have 100 games to post out on the Monday! With this new approach, my eBay price guide can be used to see how good a bargain you may be getting from a BiN up to the price I have listed on the table (right). As always, each price is an auction or BiN end price I have actually seen a game sell for, so for example if you spot ‘Carrier’ for £9.99, you’ll know that someone paid double that and you have yourself a bit of a bargain. A general rule of thumb is that most BiN prices can be beaten by waiting for the right auction to come around.

In terms of the rarer/more desirable/more pricey games the modern buyer will be paying far more than any collector did back in 2010. Evolution 2 (below), a game I have never seen ‘in the wild’ has spiraled to over £100. Indeed, the range of completed purchases across BiN and auctions for this game is £100-£120, so prices are pretty solid. Even it’s far less desirable sibling, the original Evolution game, seems to sell at £12.99 as a BiN without much fuss- so while the expensive game has almost doubled in price, the previously £1 first game has easily accelerated to selling for ten times as much in just five years! At this pace it’s surely going to be a £20 buy in another five years, as it is a pretty decent game.

There are a few standout price rises this year. Evil Twin Cyprien’s Chronicles has suddenly rocketed, with the cheapest BiN I can see having sold for £59 delivered, and the most recent auction having drawn 20 bids and ended at £91 + £3.30 postage. Grandia has escalated towards £40, with copies selling recently for £40 (28 bids), £35 (11 bids) and £23.99 (17 bids).
The total result of this growth in prices means that the DC collection has gone from a total value of £1200 to closer to £2000. This is still a bargain; if all purchased new back in the late 90s the complete set would have been £7000+, so there is still arguably a lot of room for future value increases.


Previous UPDATE– in 2011 prices have risen slightly, making the complete DC collection £150 more expensive (once Taxi 2 is included, I have yet to see one listed in 2011). If we factor in a couple of ‘down years’ to cope with the variables, I think we can predict an £800 rise in value each decade. Your 2010 acquired DC set should be worth £3000 in 2030. If you’ve picked up most of these for £1 a game at the car booters, you’re looking at an excellent eventual profit.My next collation of sales figures won’t be for a couple more years- the prices aren’t really rising that much at the moment.

The Dreamcast is an interesting console; of all the systems researched and listed for this site, the DC sees the most variation of price. Games that sell for £2 one day can sell for £8 the next. Sonic Adventure will fail to sell for 99p day after day and then rather randomly a copy will sell for £9 with a number of bids on it. As of 2011, the top end games sell for £40, and there are no really hard-to-find titles. Taxi 2 was a France-only release and is occasionally listed on eBay for £150, but I bought my copy for £43 delivered. I expect it to be worth £150 in a few years to come, but for now, under £50 is a fair value. It’s certainly a game you won’t want to play too often.

In terms of buying, pay £1+delivery for most titles. Anything listed here at £10 can be had for £5 with a little patience, and the £15-20 games can be picked up for £10 if you wait for a good deal. Games selling around the £35-40 mark are usually the top-rated titles, and as such usually hit the same sorts of prices on eBay- so look for these in local retro shops and at the car boot sales, although they are few and far between nowadays.

With a 2010 complete collection value of just under £1200, the Dreamcast is an inexpensive but great system to collect.